19.08.2017: Ready to hit the salt meeting + Team BBQ

The entire KR-Raceteam gathered for the final 'Ready to hit the salt' meeting this weekend, followed by a team-building BBQ in the beautiful valley of Blenio.

We went trough final instructions, how we organize ourselves the first couple of days, roles & responsibilities, got our plane tickets etc... etc... - carefully prepared the night before.

Our race bike KR Ducati 999 Turbo was cleared through customs on Friday - we are boarding the plane on Wednesday.

We are so ready to hit the salt! Can't wait...

Ralph, Adrian and Jupa, obviously all very relaxed!:

Ivano (AgreMess) has been formally announced member of KR-Raceteam talking to Alberto from Primitive Films:

Patrick from Privitive Films and Giambo from RSI having a 1:1 briefing - did I interrupt..?:

Tiziano making sure we all get enough to eat - grazie!: