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30TH AUGUST 2017!

Newly available - Press Bulletin:

KR-Raceteam FIM-World Record Party

Saturday  7th Oct 2017  20:00 - Centro Polisport Olivone - Ticino

World-Record-Holder Tiziano Vescovi

Entire KR-Raceteam

LIVE ON STAGE: HARDWAY - The Hardrock Band
Primitive DJ "EL KCRIPTA"

Impressions of Bonneville

A brief video of KR-Raceteam at the BMST 2017 created by Primitive Films, shown on RSI L2 before the interview with Tiziano Vescovi --> Media

Olivone in Race-Fever!

Tiziano's home town is on its toes! All are gathering to see how KR-Raceteam is doing in Booneville. This is simply: Fantastic!

We are here!

New intro-video by Primitive Films to mark the presence of KR-Raceteam at the Bonneville Motorcycles Speed Trials 2017!


The KR-Raceteam Teaser created by Primitive Films. Great collaboration that makes us go faster! See Galerie for Making of 'Believe' photos.

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KR-Raceteam - The Challenge

The KR-Raceteam was founded by KR-Motorcycles a custom motorbike manufacturer in the Blenio valley in Ticino, Switzerland. With great passion and dedication Ralph Ruckstuhl and Hysni Jupa have launched a new project with one very clear goal:

"This bike will achieve a new world record!“

As a team we collectively work towards creating the optimal bike for our race-driver Tiziano Vescovi as well as preparing Tiziano physically and mentally for the great challenge.

Photo: front Tiziano Vescovi (Race Driver), back fltr: Hysni Jupa (Technical Director), Ralph Ruckstuhl (Team Director), Adrian Häggi (Personal- & Mental Trainer), Paul Rasmussen (Deputy Team Director / Photo)

Photo credit: Niel Rasmussen

Bonneville...?  Where is that...?  What is there...?

Imagine a place so flat, it seems as if you could see the curvature of the earth, so arid, not even the simplest form of life can exist. Now imagine the passing thunder of a strange vehicle passing by on a bright white surface. It is not a strange world far from the earth; it's simply Utah's most famous Bonneville Salt Flats! The famous Bonneville Speedway is located in the western part of the Salt Flats, near Wendover. It is absolutely flat and has a salt crust. It looks like a frozen lake basin covered with snow. There is no vegetation in this area whatsoever.

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the most prominent motorcycle land speed race event. This AMA and FIM recognized event offers AMA national and FIM world record opportunities.
Race drivers will be present who try to set new world records in various categories. Anyone can have a try on the pitch. You can go for 'Run Watcha Brung' or go to set out for a new world record.

Our goal is to set two new world records: - Short distance 1 kilometer as well as 1 mile with a flying start:
  • 1 x AMA „American Motorcyle Association“          ; record in MPH (American record)
  • 1 x FIM Féderation Internationale du Motocyclisme ; world record in KPH
    • Current FIM World Record was set 2009 by Alan Cathcart on a Triumph Bonneville Turbo with 266.618 km/h
Rules and regulations according to FIM – Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme and AMA – American Motorcycles Association