24.08.2017: A crazy busy day!

Today was a very busy day - a crazy busy day! We went shopping in Walmart and filled 8 large carts with goods - unbelievable...
Thereafter we went to pick up the camper; the young chap at the RV rental service tried his best - Ralph was not fully convinced


Then Ducati Las Vegas where we met great supporting staff and got a Ducati Las Vegas T-Shirt each - Thank you!!!


Next was picking up the U-Haul - as we arrived 'late' (in their opinion) they had already given the U-Haul to someone else - bad idea... Luckily, we got similar sized truck with a decent discount - Thank you there as well! - Back at Walmart parking space, we then gave our vehicles the proper team-look!




Finally we were on the Highway 15 and soon took Highway 93 for a good 8h drive (incl. breaks) to Wendover, Utah. Astonishing landscape!!!



Now we are all totally nackert and tired, we have our hotel rooms and we all just want to sleep.
Busy day, but we made it! Tomorrow we will pick up our race bike and start building the pit on the salt; with bit of a slower start