27.08.2017: The first run - 150.34 MPH / 241.KMH - Emotions!

Hi All, you can tell from our previous blogs, we have a very tense and exciting time trying to set that new record we are all working very hard towards.
With this blog entry we want to share some of the emotions from the first run (we achieved 150.34 MPH / 241.95 KMH) - you can only imagine how high the emotions are amongst the entire KR-Raceteam - let the pictures talk for themselves...
If you wonder why we there was no new blog entry for more than 24 h, then it's because we had urgent work to do on the bike and Ralph and I had to collect some spare parts in Salt Lake City (was only a drive of a total of 242 miles / 390 km).

--> Please see Gallery 'The first run' for all pictures