3.09.2017: Let's recap on a few moments on the salt flats...

KR-Raceteam is back in Switzerland from an amazing experience in Bonneville! For many if not all of us this was the coolest thing we have done in our lives - I've added a few moments for you to review the great story…


Morning driver meeting at the pits on the Bonneville Salt Flats:

Jupa listening to the engine and the gear shifting as Tiziano is chasing down the track:

The guys having breakfast:

Our pit was on the front line of the pit-area with a direct view to the race track right in front of us - ohh and this was our back-up bike (just in case...):

Jupa was working on the bike with Tiziano and Ivano - this picture was taken less than 12h before we achieved new land speed world record!!!